Global Clash Cup: Season 7

Better than ever with a bigger prize pool and more divisions!

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June 11, 2023 at 12 PM
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  • “I really enjoyed being a broadcaster for GCC, everything was planned [and] great. Thank you guys for [the] best tournament.”

    Clashwithmrmills, Arabic-speaking Content Creator
  • “The truth is that GCC is one of my favorite tournaments.”

    Style_coc, Spanish-speaking Content Creator
  • “GCC is without a doubt a tournament that we will always participate in. Every season they exceed our expectations and deliver an even better tournament. Thank you for continuing to provide top-notch tournaments to our community.”

    Gaby, SpaceStation Gaming
  • “My experience as a broadcaster with GCC was very good. GCC is very professional, has amazing staff and keeps all tournament information in easy-to-find locations.”

    Lexnos Gaming, English-speaking Content Creator
  • “Everything was perfect, the graphics, the bot, the admins, the format, best GCC season by far.”

    Demo, Time2Throw
  • “I am very excited about streaming in the GCC tournament because the bot is easy to reach and easy to use.”

    Chief Rian, Indonesian-speaking Content Creator
  • “The organization of GCC is always impeccable and they comply with their rules. The facilities with the bot are getting better and better, we loved the thumbnail feature.”

    Saylin, VN Tompinai
  • “We believe the GCC is leading the frontier of competitive clash at this point. The bot made the entire process smooth. The custom generated graphics were very nice, [and] really helped to promote the performance of our team after each war via our socials.”

    LT, Empire Gaming
  • “Firstly, thank you for organising such a good tournament once again. I like the GCC [bot] very much. [It is] very easy to use. Hoping for the next season of Gothic to start soon.”

    Amar Gupta, QW Stephanie
  • “Bot is good, communication was great, you guys were always around to help us.”

    Suziegaming, English-speaking Content Creator
  • “This GCC season was really interesting [and] the communication with the bot is simple and effective, match preparation, as usual everything was well structured.”

    Inferno, BADZINGER
  • “Being a GCC streamer is always a pleasure. It is a very well organized tournament and you have everything you need at the moment.”

    StraMaverick, Spanish-speaking Content Creator